Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Polish festyn

It was Sunday, we were bored but luckily there was a festyn on down the road at the local church. I was very holy as a child being brought up a Catholic and being a skillful altar boy for many seasons, however this all waned as my teenage years kicked in.

A festyn is a church charity event to raise money through selling cakes, food, raffles etc. Not being a practising Catholic, I have since had a fear I will be grilled as to why I have not attended Mass every time a priest is in my vicinity or I attend anything religious in England. However my apprehension about this festyn being slightly uncomfortable disappeared as soon as I saw a monk on some kind of music equaliser system mixin' a tune!

In fact there was a monk band from Krakow who played instruments and sang while in their robes. They were actually good with songs resembling reggae intermixed with rock and indie. The place was rockin'. There were hand actions to one song in which everyone got involved. I have not uploaded the videos to you tube yet but I will soon so you can hear the saintly songs yourself.

Of course one thing I was looking forward to was trying the food on offer and I was not disappointed. I had just eaten breakfast but nothing was stopping me from trying bigos and pierogi ruskie but unfortunately I did not have room for kielbasa :( The food was delicious, the little girl in the picture was not strapped in for safety, it was to stop her nabbing the cakes!

We won a variety of prizes including two skipping ropes, and elephant and a green Copernicus hat (the hat was not only practical in the bright sun, but also educational because I learnt Copernicus was Polish!)

For recipes on Polish cuisine visit my site about Polish food and recipes and look for bigos and/or pierogi ruskie!


Stef Bojanowski said...

You didn't know Copernicus was Polish!
I'll test you when you return, could you reply to my BBQ email as well please.

Flowers On A Friday said...

that is a fantastic bbq! wonder if it would fit on my balcony...probably not.

mark said...

Am I the only English guy who loves Polish pierogi !?

Pierogi Ruskie are my favourites (the ones with potato and cheese) but I have a weakness for the sweet fillings too.

I have saved your photo of the pierogi and enlarged it and it is now stuck on the ceiling above my bed ! :)

Moggy said...

LOL at the previous comments. You may be the only English guy, Mark, but there are plenty of us Americans that love Pierogi too.

That looks like a great BBQ party! Wish we could have been there!

Iwonka said...

Everyone LOVES Polish Pierogi especially with potoato and cheese !!!
Mark you are a man of great taste !
And so are Americans !! :)
Also of course Mikolaj Kopernik was Polish !

I just made pierogi for dinner last night and Polish Barszcz- we were in heaven- not in Sydney :)

Dr Mum said...

I live in The Blue Mountains (OZ)
and regrettably have never sampled
Pierogi. . . can I get some here?