Thursday, 3 January 2008

The highest sports stadium in Poland - Szklarska poreba

Cross country skiing and shooting on skiis is popular in Poland and Szklarska poreba due to lots of snow and mountains. I wish I could remember exactly how high this stadium is above sea level but roughly is very high. Szrenica mountain is in the background if that provides any helpful reference to the relative height.
Also on a similar note,
behind Magdas' house is the strangest 400m track I have ever seen. It is part of the high school but actually occupies varying heights and winds through the trees marked with a yellow blotch. Battling with trying to jog at altitude (which is so much harder than I thought) I used to focus more on not tripping on tree roots, finding the next yellow tree and generally avoiding the trees. I used to be SO focused on this that I would find myself running miles and miles at altitude.....without realising it!
I have a new found respect for children having to do sports in mountain schools, especially those with severe winters as I could not even breathe in the snow!

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