Thursday, 3 January 2008

Likes about Poland - I gave up smoking

Everyone smokes, fags are cheap - of all the places and times to give up but myself and Magda succeeded! It's about a year now and it was surprisingly easy considering I was a heavy smoker for nearly 10 years! I came close to having a puff every now and then but never succumbed. The secret? Give up with someone and make a pact to support each other! That is my message.
Then you can make loads of money by selling them without smoking them!!! Job done.


Uber Lux said...

Likes about Poland is that you gave up smoking ??? How can you not mention all the beautiful Polish women ?? But of course, you must be in a relationship so I guess you're playing it cool ;)

Great blog by the way-keep it up !

I Love Poland

Rosaries said...

Ok, so you gave up smoking, I bet you started drinking though. You can be living in Poland and stay sober.

lavinka said...

E... not everyone... :)
I invite to my blog about Poland architecture.... :)

Rick Rosenshein said...

Great blog, photos and articles. Very informative. Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work. Rick
PS- I was a smoker too...quit after 32 years...great job on quiting

Boletos de Avion said...

Im from England and im thinking of driving through Poland on a road trip through Europe and check Poland out. Do lots of Polish people speak fluent English in Poland?
Boletos de Avion

Anonymous said...

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